Wednesday, 1 August 2012

What the Wisefixer Can Do

The Wisefixer application is very easy to download in just a few minutes from the website and run a free system scan. Before you run the software it is important that you understand what it is going to do to your computer.

The wisefixer is a system fix meaning, it has quality scans that diagnose and fix the operating system. It fixes a variety of typing errors and protects the computer from crushing. Another quality if the wise fixer is scanning and identifying entries in the registry that are invalid or missing as well as detecting very serious windows errors.

It is also a powerful registry cleaner that fixes registry errors. It erases unwanted files and cleans your internet traces such as caches, cookies and among others. The wise fixer is also a system optimizer which enables you to choose which items you want to be shown in your menu and optimize services in your computer such as remote registry and internet browsing. You also choose the items to be shown when you start up your computer. It can also fix built in utilities which ensures that you have an improved environment for the browser.